Italian “ Etoile’e” Designed Earrings w/ Emerald Greed and Ruby Red Sapphires

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                                           B* Charmed Italian Designed~ Bellissimo Oro Collection

                                               Italian “ Etoile’e” Designed    “ Earrings 

   " Etoile’e"  is the Italian design where the twisted thread technique is used to obtain a silky effect on gold. In this pattern, the technique is described with the use of three gold threads untying into rhomboidal elements [  two-dimensional geometry,] This silky two-dimensional design highlights the emerald green sapphires delicately wrapped in the golden wrapped design on the outer edges of this design.

   These Italian "Etoile'e" earrings are 1 inch in diameter featuring 1/2 carat of emerald green sapphires on the outer edged of these designs with a 2-carat  ruby red sapphire center stone.