New To Our Minimal Collection: A Wonderful Dress Up Little Chocker Necklace

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Our Minimal Collection~ For the stylish woman on the go

Jewelry you can wear from work to a night out~or shopping and coffee with the girlfriends


   Looking for a show-stopping piece?

This sparkling, choker-style necklace, is brand new to the collection and is flying off the shelves!! This is 14 inches and accompanied by stunning gemstone teardrops to create the perfect balance for any outfit! 

    A wonderful necklace with red, blue, yellow, green, sky blue, clear white sapphires.

 The necklace is 16" long with topaz stones set 1/2 inch apart on a link chain.

Each necklace is offered in two styles.

 You can choose a triple plated[ no-fade ] 14k gold plate or no tarnish silver stainless steel Each sapphire teardrop pendant hanging from the necklace is wrapped in 14k gold plate or in silver stainless steel.

What a fun way to dress up your jeans as you dash to the grocery store! Or add to that little black dress making any night out special~